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Most recent articles include:

Frommers England, October 2004:
'The exhibits are dramatically presented, at this first-rate new attraction.'

The Independent 6/8/03: 'Another outstanding museum. Full of moving and chastening accounts, it treads delicately between being too jingoistic and being too PC.'

Melbourne Age 26/06/03: 'It is astonishing how good the museum is.'

The Sunday Times 01/06/2003: 'A Brave and level headed look at the central fact of the past 300 years of British History.'

The Times 31/05/2003: 'It's understated presentation is typical of the Museum, the most interesting place I saw on my six-city tour.'

'A Brilliant New Museum'

Previous reviews include:
'The recently opened British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol is a splendid creation.’
The Lady, 04/02/2003
'It inspires you to find out more and provides the facts together with personal histories to give a rounder perspective of what the British Empire was and what it meant.’
Times Educational Supplement, 10/01/2003
'Displaying the British Empire for posterity.’
The New York Times, 04/01/2003
'The place has a friendly air, not over-designed nor too ppolitically correct, but as full of object as a good museum should be.’
The Spectator, 30/11/2002.
''This [is a] magnificent assembly of the pictures, words, films, artefacts, pomp and ethos of the Empire.'
The Times, 23/10/02
'A brilliant new museum.'
Radio 4 Front Row, 23/10/02
'A valuable and accessible narrative, imaginatively and carefully told.'
The Guardian, 02/11/02
''The galleries are a mass of information, clearly laid out with enough interactive stuff for the keenest techno-boffin.'
Sunday Express, 29/09/02
'Spirit of the British Empire wins through.'
Daily Telegraph, 28/09/02
'I arrived on a wet Tuesday and found the museum a delight. The museum is housed in Brunel's magnificent 19th-century railway terminus at Temple Meads and it is hard to think of a better venue.'
Sunday Telegraph, 27/10/02
'Sun finally rises on the British Empire Museum.'
National Post, Canada, 27/09/02
'Empire, with all its shades, strikes back.'
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, 05/10/02
'[A] museum with a bright future. Congratulations to all those who have worked to make the dream of a British Empire & Commonwealth Museum a reality.'
Bristol Evening Post, 26/09/02
'A balanced view of the impulses behind empire, the impact of Empire and the legacy of Empire.'
BBC 4 Television Documentary 'The Empire Museum', 01/10/02
'Extremely user-friendly, with lots of hands-on exhibits. It does an excellent job of
introducing visitors to a complex story.'
Venue Magazine, Bristol, 18/10/02

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