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Museum People

This section introduces you to some of the people who work at the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum and the projects they are involved with. This section will be updated every month with new faces and new projects!

If you are interested in becoming part of the Museum team, please click here to find out about volunteering opportunities.

Dr Joanne Duffy
Dr Joanne Duffy has joined our team of staff taking the role of Junior Research Fellow, a post based at the Museum but which is also supported by Bristol University and the University of the West of England.

Joanne is currently employed as a visiting Lecturer at Bristol University teaching 'African History and British Imperialism' and at Reading University teaching 'Postcolonial Africa'. She has also published works on South African history, speaks fluently in Afrikaans, French and has a basic knowledge of German and Latin.

Joanne has an impressive CV with a strong commitment to both Imperial History and African Studies, having obtained her PhD in Modern (Commonwealth) History at Oxford University in 2001, she has worked as a research assistant at the University of Sheffield and held several teaching posts at Oxford University. Joanne regularly gives lectures and talks at seminar presentations.

Maithreyi Nandakumar
(pictured left)

I've started working here since the beginning of July as the Media Education Worker along with Ondia Gillette.

One of my first jobs is to plan and programme this year's Commonwealth FM. As the name suggests its not just another community radio station but reaches out to countries far beyond Bristol. And that is the most enjoyable aspect of the job- to be able to work with all the talented people of Bristol and include everyone.

I've previously worked for the BBC in many roles including presenting Sangam, a regional magazine programme for the Asian community for four years.

Ondia Gillette (pictured right)

As I begin my second year with Commonwealth FM, this time as the Media Education Worker along with Maithreyi Nandakumar, I'm eagerly awaiting the fantastic array of programming on offer from the wide-ranging communities of Bristol. Right now, I am primarily focused on the learning aspect of Commonwealth FM.

Through our variety of training sessions, new and up-coming talent will be able to learn hands-on radio techniques from some of Bristol's finest professionals. These learning and mentoring
opportunities are what gives Commonwealth FM such a positive, fun and unique buzz.

When Commonwealth FM ends it's broadcast on November 28th, the learning opportunities of the radio room continues on through educational workshops using the museum's resources, and community group training. I'll also be pursuing my own learning, as I complete my MA in Cultural and Media Studies at U.W.E.

Dharani Naidoo

I am an education workshop leader in the Museum's education department. I organise, set up and deliver educational workshops to schools, colleges and university students on empire history.

I also assist in co-ordinating educational activities for temporary exhibitions held at the Museum. My new project is the Gulbenkian oral history project which focuses on getting oral history testimonies from second and third generation mix  of people who have family links to the former empire and Commonwealth countries. This project looks at both life experiences and the influence of the former empire on the English language.

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