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The Education Team

The Education Team is committed to helping schools get the most out of the fantastic range of resources and opportunities the Museum offers. Please use these pages to find out about our programmes for schools, further education and other learning groups.

If you require further information, or have any questions, please contact our Learning Team today.

Our Mission Statement

The role of the Learning Department is to facilitate the understanding of Britain's cultural heritage associated with the former British Empire and today's Commonwealth. We believe that by understanding the past we can enrich the future. The Learning Department provides the means for people to engage with the collections and specific areas of history in more depth.

Breaking The Chains

Our special exhibition, Breaking the Chains, provides an excellent opportunity for exploration around slavery and related issues.

Breaking the Chains was launched in 2007 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade by an Act of Parliament. The exhibition explores the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its legacy. It is open until October 2008.

The Museum offers an impressive collection of educational resources to accompany the exhibition including an education resource pack and workshops. For further information follow the link Breaking the Chains.


Our permanent galleries explore the biggest empire the world has ever known. Sixteen galleries packed with artefacts, oral history, music, film and photographs provide an inspirational resource around citizenship topics for all learners.

The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum is a rich resource for exploring topics such as migration, tourism, trade justice, environmental issues, political literacy, and human rights.

The Museum has developed a range of workshops, trails and loan boxes to enrich learning of these topics. For further information follow the links to our loan boxes, workshops and educational resources.

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