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Breaking the Chains
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Breaking the Chains is now CLOSED

In this bicentenary year, explore the Transatlantic Slave Trade; resistance, abolition and legacy.

Breaking the Chains is a ground breaking exhibition which provides learners with an incredible multi-sensory experience, helping them explore issues around slavery. The exhibition is a rich resource for exploring History and Citizenship topics such as: the triangular trade, African culture, the middle passage, life on the plantations, abolition, emancipation and legacies.

Self-Guided Tours

Breaking the Chains is open to schools and educational organisations for self-guided tours, supported by activities and ideas found in the new and exciting education pack, which accompanies the exhibition.

The education pack has been designed to help each educator plan activities most appropriate for the age, ability and character of their own class. The pack takes each gallery as a separate theme, providing some general background information, and suggesting differentiated activities along that theme.

All visits to the Breaking the Chains exhibition are self-guided. There will be a gallery invigilator to answer questions and provide assistance. Educators must ensure that learners are prepared with appropriate worksheets or activities. Educators are entitled to a FREE preview and we strongly encourage you to visit the Museum to familiarise yourself with the exhibitions and plan your activities. Please take time to brief any adult helpers on the Museum and activities; this will help learners to make the maximum benefit out of the visit.

The Education Pack (£9.99) will be sent out to schools along with their booking confirmation. The Breaking the Chains education pack includes: suggested Museum activities, worksheets, follow-up or preview activities, a CD Rom, curriculum links and teaching approaches.

Linbury Fund

In partnership with the Linbury Trust , the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum is offering local schools FREE admission into Breaking the Chains. If you’re a Bristol or South Gloucestershire school find out more through the Linbury Trust link

Workshops to accompany Breaking the Chains

The Museum has developed three workshops on slavery, designed to enrich learning. Each workshop extends the exploration of slavery or abolition.

Choose form one of the following workshops:

Slavery: interpreting the evidence KS2 and KS3
Through a series of activities learners investigate artifacts…

Slavery through Drama Upper KS2 and KS3
Led by a professional drama practitioner this workshop focuses on using drama…

Abolition on Air KS3
Designed to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade…

Loan boxes to accompany Breaking the Chains

Loan boxes are a great way to enhance learning in the classroom. The Museum has developed a fantastic series of loan boxes around slavery. Hire a loan box for pre or follow-up visit work, or for in-depth topic work.

Each box comes with a range of up to 12 artefacts, a detailed information sheet on each object, as well as tips on how to handle and use the objects.

The boxes are available in three themes:

Slavery 1: African society, human capture & trade

Slavery 2: Plantation life & treatment

Slavery 3: Resistance, abolition & legacy

Price (per fortnight)

1 box £35 per fortnight + VAT
2 boxes £50 per fortnight + VAT
3 boxes £75 per fortnight + VAT
If you cannot collect we can offer a courier service for a charge.


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