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87.7 Commonwealth FM

1-28 November 2004

Bringing the world to Bristol!

Listen online from the 1 - 28 November:

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What is 87.7 Commonwealth FM

The relentless chart music, the important voices that sound more important than the story... haven't you just had enough of regular radio?

Well, retune that dial to Commonwealth FM on 87.7!! Its the radio station that challenges every one of the above statements and offers a fabulous alternative to your daily listening. until the 28th November, Bristol's airwaves have been reflecting its true multi- dimensional character.

Commonwealth Breakfast: Wake up to the most uplifting music from South Africa in the mornings with Kyle Hannan. Your daily news is a perfect combination of stories from around the world. And weather reports that really take you places- this is the station that tells you how hot it is in Tahiti and how much colder in Canada!

Commonwealth FM is in the heart of Bristol's community. Every weekday we give the many local groups in the city a chance to present their own show. War memories from Bedminster, making ice-cream and growing vegetables in Brislington (presented by retired BBC canteen lady Irene), the Dundry Pioneers, the young homeless, the Chinese and the Somali groups all have a chance to say their piece. Grass roots radio at its best.

The museum's invaluable archives lends itself to radio in the Vinyl Archives hour where we hear rare recordings from the 50's and 60's from around the Commonwealth (Tuesday nights). Mondays (repeated Fridays) feature home grown drama, from local playwrights that have been produced at the museum.

Music as usual is eclectic- it doesn't have to be well-known to be heard here- the point is its well-known in some part of the world. And you name it, we've got it- Sheng Beats from Kenya, Kwaito music from South Africa, Bhangra music from Britain, Bollywood and classical Indian music and plenty of community sport too (Saturday afternoons).

Common Belief is the religious programme with a difference- presented by Caroline Beatty, its the place where Bristol discusses the moral and ethical issues around religion, race and politics every Sunday morning at 9am.

So, where have you been if you haven't heard it yet?
Re-tune that dial in to 87.7 FM or listen online by clicking
here .

A real player is needed to listen to this years broadcast. To download the sofware, click here.

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0600 Commonwealth Breakfast - News and sounds from across the world with Kyle Hannan
0900 Everywoman - Bristol women get talking about fashion, health, lifestyle and plenty more. Click here to see the presenters!
1000 Morning Chill with Danny Watson
1200 Lunchtime - In -depth chat and snapshots from around Bristol

Helen Reed presents Monday - Thursday
Kizzy Morrell presents on Fridays
1400 Empire Uncovered - behind the scenes at the Museum with:

Andy Dent (Monday & Wednesday)
Mary Ingoldby (Fridays)
Bristol Schools (Tuesday & Thursday)
1500 Community Spotlight - News from your neighbourhood featuring communities from Barton Hill, Easton, Hartcliffe and Knowle West.
1600 Tickle Trunk - Storytelling and quizzes for young children with Ondia Gillette.
1700 Driving Bristol Home - City of Bristol College (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) CEED (Thursdays and Fridays)

Monday: RnB with Kevin Campbell
Tuesday - Bhangra with Vinay Manro
Wednesday - Dialect
Thursday - Radio in the Commonwealth
Friday - Sheng Beats from the heart of East Africa with Junior Sheikh

2000 Monday - Drama/ Patchwork of Sounds
Tuesday - Vinyl Archives
Wednesday - Jazz
Thursday - The A-Z of music
Friday - Repeat Drama/ Caribbean music
2100 - 2400 Music and laid back chat every weekday

Mondays- Bav & Mike

Tuesday - Jake Macey's Unsigned Hour followed by Latino Rhythms with Luis Cebran

Wednesday - Jazz with Tony Clarke followed by The Weasel

Thursday - Willian Datson Soundscapes followed by Steve Satan and the Satan Hour

Friday - The Quiet Storm with Padski.


0600 Commonwealth Breakfast 0600 Commonwealth Breakfast
0900 Radiovision with ITV workshop 0900 Common Belief - Religious reflection
1200 Weekend Round- up of Commonwealth FM and what's on at the Museum 1100 Bristol Bridge - surviving in Bristol
1400 The Beautiful Games

3 hours of local sport
1200 Mirchi - Bollywood news, music & gossip
1500 1400 Gospel in focus
1600 1500 Discussing Books
1700 The Green Room - Arts Programme 1600 Kwaito Hour - Popular Music from South Africa
1800 Ocean of Milk - World Classics 1700 3 hours of Pure Rock
1900 Dazee and 2 Katz 2000 Live World Session
2100- 2400 Guest DJ Slot
followed by Drum n Bass
2100- 2400 African Show - West African Music


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Commonwealth Breakfast - with Kyle Hannan

Kyle Hannan was born in Cape Town and grew up in Zimbabwe, and spent more than ten years as a broadcast presenter, club DJ and manager of several pioneering community and commercial radio services in South Africa. Kyle helped to create South Africa's first non-State broadcast service and setting up the first community radio station in Nelson Mandela's home city.

Kizzy Morrell & Friends

Fridays 12pm -2pm

Brings you Friday afternoon fun with special guests, gossip and good music to get you in the mood for the weekend

Weekend Round Up

Saturday 12pm - 2pm

Hosted by Vicky Sparks, the Weekend Round up takes a look back at the programme highlights from each week's shows broadcast from Commonwealth FM. The show will also give an insight into what's up and coming at the museum, highlighting the workshops and events that make the Empire and Commonwealth Museum one of the most exciting hot spots in Bristol.

The Unsigned Hour
Tuesday 9pm-10pm

The A to Z of Music
Thursday 8pm-9pm

About the presenters

Jake and James became friends two years ago when they both started working at Cashsave Mica Hardware, Jake part-time and James as assistant manager. Both are huge music (and film) fans and have a similar sense of humour, which is why they get on so well.

Jake was part of the news team on 87.7 Commonwealth FM last year and is returning this year, with James, to present two one hours shows, twice a week.

THE UNSIGNED HOUR is about local music, both playing it and chatting to
the bands behind it. Featuring Live Music and Interviews THE UNSIGNED
HOUR airs every Tuesday night 9pm-10pm.

THE A to Z OF MUSIC does exactly what it says on the tin and is an
interactive and informative guide to musical styles and artists. THE A
to Z OF MUSIC broadcast’s every Thursday evening 8pm-9pm


Saturdays 9am-12pm

RADIOVISION features members of the ITV Television Workshop aged between 15 and 26.

RADiOViSiON is television on the radio! It will be broadcast from 9am to 12 noon every Saturday throughout November and features competitions, phone-ins, comedy, interviews, live music, news,weather horoscopes - the lot!

Sheng Beats from the Heart of East Africa

Friday Nights, 7pm - 8pm

Presented by Junior

If you are a lover of some real cool R&B and Hip - Hop the African way this is the place to be."SHENG" is a language most commonly used by the younger generation of Eastern Africa, but even the older generation have picked it up. Sheng is a mixture of Kiswahili (the Lingua Franca of Eastern Africa) and English.

Sheng Beats thoughout East Africa have been popularised by the people's mode of transportation commonly referred to as "MATATUs" - minibuses that ferry people to and from work and play these sounds, very loud, in their minibuses.

All of the artists featured compose and sponsor their own productions and promote their music through video clips and Road Shows across East Africa and abroad.

DJ Junior has appeared on stage with some of the top composers of the Sheng Beats in some of the major towns of Kenya. Junior is 16 and has been making appearances for Radio and Road Shows since he was 12. In 2002 he was co-presenter for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Show on the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).


Gospel in Focus - J316

Every Sunday  14.00 - 15.00

Presented by Carmen McLaughlin

Carmen McLaughlin is the Artistic Director of InFocus.K.Promotions, a new Gospel Entertainment Enterprise which aims to provide gospel club nights called SOUL2SOLE. These unique club nights are held at the end of the month, and provides an evening of rapturous music with some of the UK's best Gospel DJs on the circuit from all around the globe as-well as local and international artists, comedy and poetry.

"J316" will fill your Sunday afternoons with some rapturous music from around the globe, a blended mix of Salsa, R&B, Reggae, Urban, plus a Word for today, interviews, guests speakers and much more......


Mirchi - Every Sunday 12- 4pm

Mirchi (means 'chillies' in Hindi) is the Asian Cultural programme brought
to you in association with the South Gloucestershire Asian Project (SGAP).

We will bring you music, features, news and gossip from the world of
Bollywood and the Asian 'New World Music'. Want to know the latest film
reviews? Want to know the new releases in the offing? Which was Amitabh
Bachchan's first movie? To know the answers ...laced with foot-tapping,
melodious tunes from the latest hits and golden oldies, tune in to Mirchi.
Asian music is not only about Bollywood.

We seem to be living in a brave new emerging world of international fusion of musical cultures. From the early beginnings of the UK's Asian Underground movement (Talvin Singh et al)we are now witnessing the increasing maturity of the contemporary Dance/ Ambient music with its mix of South Asian vibes and modern club culture.

Mirchi will bring you music from a host of artistes and DJs, from leading
exponents such as Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney.

Mirchi will be co-hosted by:
- Vijay Chandiramani, an amateur actor and MC with a passion for drama.
Vijay's special special interest is contemporary Bollywood films from a
historical perspective.

- Bharat Adodra, a gifted presenter and amateur actor with experience of
stage-acting. Bharat's special interest is in thye new world Asian music
that is taking the world by storm.

- Tejinder Bilkhu, a student with a keen interest in media studies.
Tejinder's interest is the emergence of British Asian cinema that has
created an excitement of its own.

The Weasel

Wednesdays 10pm - 12am

The Weasel's Wednesday night shows are a cocktail of new hip hop and RnB
sounds plus remixes, bootlegs and classics from the vault.

Weasel's a dark and secretive dude. His favourite colour is black (there are
other colours?), he plays sounds you've never heard before from bands
you'll have to seek out for yourself. But he likes to throw in familiar gems
from Prodigy, 50 Cent, Outkast, Bassment Jaxx, and Kelis to name but a few,
with a healthy dollop of the Eminem just for fun. One word says it all:

The Satan Show

Thursdays 10pm - 12am

Steve Satan, real name Steve Satan, will be injecting a much-needed dose of pure evil into the schedules and summoning up the spirit of the Antichrist by using the tried and tested technique of playing records and talking in between. Expect to hear an eclectic mix of music from renowned devil worshippers such as Abba, Keane and Everything But The Girl

The Beautiful Games

Saturdays : 2pm -5pm

The Beautiful Games offers a unique take on the Bristol sporting scene.
A far cry from the cheers of Ashton Gate and the Memorial Ground, the
Beautiful Games gives three hours of coverage over to the sporting
events, teams and players making their mark on the city and at a
national level. For true grass roots sport, tune into The Beautiful
Games from 2pm every Saturday afternoon.


Presenters & reporters to be confirmed but we have plenty of exciting
new signings to unveil. We'll probably line-up in a solid, attacking
4-3-3 formation. The squad still needs expanding if you're interested
in getting involved, with first team action guaranteed!

Their combined radio experience stretches across the BBC, independent
production, and a variety of community radio projects in many shapes and
sizes. They have a broad and inclusive approach to the Bristol sporting
community as documented in last year's 'It's Not Just Cricket' which
focused on topics as broad as the St Pauls Sports Development, the
Bristol Pirates Basketball side, Korfball, and the increasing popularity
of gay football.

Heaven, Sally: When I'm not playing football with the beautiful and
talented Easton Cowgirls, I can be found forcing people to listen to my
80s record collection or frequenting the pubs of St Werburghs.

Field, Toby: An example of style over substance, I can be found plotting
radio ideas in dark corners. It's Not Just Cricket was great fun last
time round but this November I intend to help take The Beautiful Games
as far as the play-offs.

The Green Room
with Lieza Mcleod and Carlton Romaine

Saturdays 5 pm - 6pm

Local arts programme featuring all the goings on in the Bristol arts and
music scene. Also featuring the Artists Corner- a soap box for local artists
to have a moan.

Ocean of Milk!

Saturdays, 6-7 pm
A programme featuring classical music from the Commonwealth. Maithreyi
Nandakumar takes us on a journey on the Ocean of Milk where she'll share
some music from her part of the world. Carnatic music from southern India
will feature strongly on this show as well as Hindustani music. In the
course of the month, she'll be joined by her colleague at Commonwealth FM,
Ondia Gillette to hear Canadian folk music.

Discussing Books

Sundays, 3-4 pm
Talking about books for a whole hour- what could be more enjoyable!
Maithreyi Nandakumar will talk to members of Vivida and Black women writers
for the first show (7th Nov.). Edson Burton will chair the second programme
with archives from his heroes Linton Kwesi Johnson and Tupac Shakur to name
but two! Week three will feature food in literature and promises to be
mouthwatering! To round off the month's literary feat, join Paddy Sault to
hear some classic poetry for a whole hour.

Everywoman Presenters - Broadcasting Weekdays, 9-10am.

Mandy Wallington

Vida Rawlins

Harpreet Bilkhu

Laura Hamilton
Bianca Danesh - Farnia

Caroline Gill

Tejinder Bilkhu
Caitriona Tobin

A Patchwork of Sounds

Mondays 8-9pm

A patchwork of sounds from the stables of hip hop, soul and nu jazz, plus features on the Bristol music scene.

Presenter Profile: Jody Bourtoni

Having grown up with headphones on in downtown Cardiff Jody has continued
the trend to adulthood being an avid music collector and DJ.

On the way he has been involved in student and internet radio and ran
Needlework in Edinburgh “the biggest club night for its size in the world!”
Along with various venues in the UK he has also “exercised” his record
collection having DJed in places such as Japan and most recently Barcelona.

The Vinyl Archive with Suzanna van Moyland

Tuesdays 8-9pm

From the Archives of the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, Suzanna van Moyland selects rare treats from the museum’s vinyl record collection, including Ghanaian Big Bands, Jamaican Poetry, Malaysian Funk, Comedy from Barbados, and Canoe-Warming from Papua New Guinea.


The Quiet Storm with Padski

Fridays 9pm-12am

Padski presents a show full of entertaining and eclectic mix of music from punk to folk. And great covers

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