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Mission & Objectives

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The Trust's mission statement for the Museum is:

The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum provides a national forum for preserving, exploring and studying Britian's cultural heritage associated with the former Empire and today's Commonwealth, so that we can better understand and treasure the past and enrich the future.

The Museum shows both how the British Empire evolved into independent nations of the Commonwealth, and also its global impact through interchanges of peoples, languages, institutions, trade and cultures.

The Museum of Empire and Commonwealth Trust was established in 1986 under the chairmanship of Sir Arthur Drew KCB, a former chairman of the Museums and Galleries Commission.

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The Trust's objectives are:

The promotion, creation and administration in the United Kingdom of a museum or museums of the British Empire and Commonwealth for the public benefit.

The education of the public in the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth. Such other charitable objects as are in the opinion of the Trustees similar or compatible to the aforesaid objects.

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A unique resource

The experience of those who worked overseas in the former Empire and the independent Commonwealth is largely unrecorded today. The Commonwealth History Archive collects the memories and memorabilia from this generation and work with this section of the community to develop a significant record of their past.

The Museum aims to provide ethnic minority groups who came to Britain from other Commonwealth countries access to materials associated with their cultural heritage. At present there is no archive in the country dedicated to documenting the history of such groups and their association with the modern Commonwealth.

The Museum is the only significant public collection in the UK devoted to these themes, and is an important resource for both formal and life-long learning, providing new access to collections throughout the country, many of which, unhappily, have been in semi-permanent storage for over half a century. For a year a team of researchers employed by the Museum examined the reseúrve collections held in private and public collections with the purpose to draw upon them in the future.

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