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Awards & Reviews

The Museum is now CLOSED in preparation for relocation to London

Awards to date:

  • Short-listed: Museums & Heritage Awards for Excellence 2005
  • Best in the Region: Britain's Best Museums and Galleries 2004
  • Finalist: European Museum of the Year 2004
  • Winner: Sandford Award for Heritage Education 2004
  • Winner: Good Britain Guide 2004
  • Short-listed: Museums & Heritage Awards for Excellence 2004
  • Double-winner: Museum & Heritage Awards for Excellence 2003
  • Winner: National Railway Heritage Awards 2003
  • Shortlisted: Group Travel Awards 2003
  • Shortlisted: British Guild of Travel Writers Awards 2003

Acclaimed by the Press:

'This excellent independent Museum appeals to all.'
Mail on Sunday - 31 July 2005

'The lesson seems to be that while might may sometimes be right, we, like the British before us, ultimately will need other ways to sustain our eminence and influence. And if we can do that, then any future Museum of American leadership will reflect as well on us as this Museum of empire does on Britain.'
Wall Street Journal - 14 June 2005

'Another outstanding Museum.full of moving and chastening accounts, it treads carefully between being too jingoistic and too PC'.
The Independent - 6 August 2003

'It is astonishing how good the Museum is.'
Melbourne Age - 26 June 2003

'It's understated presentation is typical of the Museum, the most interesting place I saw on my six-city tour.'
The Times - 31 May 2003

'The recently opened British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol is a splendid creation.'
The Lady - 4 February 2003

'It inspires you to find out more and provides the facts together with personal histories to give a rounder perspective of what the British Empire was and what it meant.'
Times Educational Supplement - 10 February 2003

'Displaying the British Empire for posterity.'
The New York Times - 4 January 2003

'The place has a friendly air, not over-designed nor too politically correct, but as full of objects as a good museum should be.'
The Spectator - 30 November 2002

'A valuable and accessible narrative, imaginatively and carefully told.'
The Guardian - 2 November 2002

'This [is a] magnificent assembly of the pictures, words, films, artifacts, pomp and ethos of the Empire.'
The Times - 23 October 2002

'Displaying the British Empire for posterity.'
The New York Times - 4 January 2003

'A brilliant new Museum.'
Radio 4 Front Row - 23 October 2002

'The galleries are a mass of information, clearly laid out with enough interactive stuff for the keenest techno-boffin.'
Sunday Express - 29th September 2002

'Spirit of the British Empire wins through.'
Daily Telegraph - 28th September 2002

'I arrived on a wet Tuesday and found the museum a delight. The museum is housed in Brunel's magnificent 19th-century railway terminus at Temple Meads and it is hard to think of a better venue.'
Sunday Telegraph - 27th October 2002

'Empire, with all its shades, strikes back.'
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 5th October 2002

'[A] museum with a bright future. Congratulations to all those who have worked to make the dream of a British Empire & Commonwealth Museum a reality.'
Bristol Evening Post - 26th September 2002

'A balanced view of the impulses behind empire, the impact of empire and the legacy of empire.'
BBC 4 Television Documentary 'The Empire Museum' - 1st October 2002

'Extremely user-friendly, with lots of hands-on exhibits. It does an excellent job of introducing visitors to a complex story.'
Venue Magazine, Bristol - 18th October 2002

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